Apply2College Day

North Star High School will participate in Nebraska’s Apply2College Day sponsored by EducationQuest Foundation  Tuesday, October 31st.  

As part of Nebraska’s college access initiative, North Star High School will work with Seniors to complete and submit at least one college application. The goal of the program is to get more students applying to colleges early in their senior year.  During this event, students may apply to any college or university of interest.

*Seniors can sign up in the Counseling Center for Apply2College Day or sign up through Google Classroom Senior Class of 2018

*Families are also welcome to visit North Star High School on October 31st to assist their student during the application process

Helpful things for student during the application process:
*student knows social security number
*credit card information to pay an application fee if student chooses to submit application at school                                                                                         
(note: students can choose to submit the college application and follow up with the college application fee after October 31st). There is no application fee for Southeast Community College.   

This great campaign is part of the American College Application Campaign. EducationQuest has partnered with North Star High School, colleges and universities along with over two hundred schools all across Nebraska. 

The initiative is part of the American College Application Campaign (ACAC), a national initiative that is an effort of the American Council on Education. The goal is for all states to hold College Application events in 2017. This event is possible due to the collaborative efforts of the administration, faculty, and staff at North Star High School as well as students, their families, and volunteers across the community!