Athletic Academic Support Program

Contact: Dave Pauli ( Assistant Athletic Director

The LNS Academic Support Program aims to provide support to our student-athletes in academics by helping them in the classroom.  The program is a supportive system which holds students accountable to their academics while supporting them to achieve their goals.

Academic Accountability

Grade Checks for Student Athletes.

All student-athletes will have regular grade checks every week during the sport season that they are currently competing.  The standards for maintaining full eligibility require that the student-athlete be registered and enrolled in at least 25 credits (20 if a Senior on track to graduate), and must be passing all of their courses or passing all but one of their courses.  If a student is failing more than 1 course, academic intervention is required in order to maintain full eligibility.


Academic Probation



 SEMESTER:  Need to have passed 20 credit hours to stay eligible.

QUARTER 1 – First Grade Check:  August 30th
QUARTER 2 – First Grade Check:  November 1st
QUARTER 3 – First Grade Check:  January 17th
QUARTER 4 – First Grade Check:  March 28th