Welcome to North Star High School


Principal PriceWelcome to the North Star High School website.  We are excited about the 2017/18 school year as we chart, navigate, and celebrate our 15th year! Lincoln North Star High School is committed to developing academic excellence, positive relationships, and productive citizens.  We know that it takes all of us working together to make this happen. 

We have two School Improvement goals for the 2017/2018 school year.  We will:
1) Improve student achievement in Literacy across the curriculum with an emphasis on reading.
2) Improve graduation rate for all student groups to achieve an overall rate of 90% by 2019.

Our weekly time spent in our Professional Learning Communities affords us the opportunity to analyze and implement curriculum, instruction and assessment strategies that support these two goals.  We are committed to supporting the LPS district goals of increasing the on-time graduation rate to 90%.

You should also know that we are committed to making sure that North Star High School is a place where all students feel safe and appreciated.  STAR represents our core building expectations that all students will be Safe, Trustworthy, Accountable, and Respectful. We have defined each expectation as follows: 

SAFE: To maintain an environment where individuals are safe from physical or emotional danger and are free to express themselves without the fear of being threatened, harassed or bullied.

TRUSTWORTHY: To act in a manner that is honest, reliable and responsible.

ACCOUNTABLE: To take responsibility and ownership for your actions as an individual and the impact that they have on the people and environment around you.

RESPECTFUL: To act in a manner that is considerate of other people’s feelings, needs, thoughts, and preferences with genuine value and intent.

Thank you for your continued support of all of the hard work of students and staff at North Star!  Feel free to contact us at any time and let us know how we’re doing.  We welcome your communication as we continue to chart, navigate, and celebrate success!

Dr. Vann Price