We are the North Star Navigators!

Big Dipper and Polaris, the North StarThe North Star has played an important role in human culture throughout history. It is a conspicuous star in the northern hemisphere, and has been used by navigators throughout recorded history for charting navigation routes on land and sea. The North Star helps them find their way. Many different Navigators. Many different destinations. One common guide. It is for this reason the mascot name for North Star High School is the Navigators.

Faculty and Staff

This is a sortable directory of Faculty and Staff with links to their profiles, departments, websites, and contact information.

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Bus Schedules

This page has selected portions of the schedules of the Star Tran bus routes that service North Star High School.

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Bell Schedules

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Gator Galaxy

A link to the online edition of the North Star student newspaper, the Gator Galaxy.

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LNS Calendars

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LNS Tardy Policy

North Star is following a building wide Tardy Policy. Click on the headline for more details.

LNS Tardy Policy
1st Intervention= Warning and conference with student.
2nd Intervention= Parent contact
3rd Intervention= 15 Minute detention arranged with the teacher.
4th Intervention= Referral to administration

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LNS Lore

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North Star Mission Statement

Lincoln North Star High School is committed to developing academic excellence, positive relationships, and productive citizens.

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North Star Character Education

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