Purchase a Yearbook

Yearbooks will be sold throughout the school year. The price of the Yearbook will start at $65. The price will increase to $70 after Winter Break and to $75 after Spring Break. If you would like to purchase your Yearbook online, please visit our publisher’s website. You can also purchase a Yearbook from the North Star Bookkeeper or through Fees on Synergy.

Our letter home to parents is available here.

Submitting a Senior Photo

Senior photos will only be accepted electronically for placement in the Yearbook. Please review the district Senior Photo requirements and submit your Senior Photo here.

Seniors will have access to a document on their Class of 2021 Google Classroom page to verify that their Senior Photo has been received and was accepted. If the student’s name is on the list, his/her senior photo has been received and approved. If the name is not listed, no senior photo has been received and their Lifetouch photo will be used.

Senior Ad Purchase

Senior Ads are a great way to celebrate your soon-to-be graduate in the Yearbook. To purchase a Senior Ad online and upload your digital photos, please visit our publisher’s website.

Business Ad Purchase

These ads are a great way for community businesses to show their support for North Star in the Yearbook. For more information on business ad pricing or to purchase an ad, please visit our publisher’s website.