What is Swamp Time?

Swamp Time is an intervention for students to receive support if they are failing a class, missing an assignment or assignments, need to make up a test or quiz, or need extra help.

When is Swamp Time?

3:15 – 4:15 p.m., Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. There is no Swamp Time on Tuesdays due to PLC meetings.

Where is Swamp Time?

Swamp Time is based out of the A1 area of North Star.

  • A102: Social Studies Help
  • A103: Math Help
  • A104: English, ELL, (all other areas) Help
  • A105: Science Help

How can students access Swamp Time?

Students can access Swamp Time by just showing up! Teachers will be in the classrooms listed above, beginning at 3:15, ready to help students.

Teachers are also able to assign students to Swamp Time. If a teacher assigns a student to attend, they are required to make a contact to parents to notify them of the assigned Swamp Time.

Please call or email Bailey Morley (bmorley@lps.org), if you have any questions.