What is Swamp Time?

Swamp Time is an intervention for students to receive support who are failing classes or who would like extra help.

When is Swamp Time?

3:15 – 4:15 p.m., Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. There is no Swamp Time on Tuesdays due to PLC meetings.

Where is Swamp Time?

Swamp Time is based out of the A1 area of North Star.

  • A102: Social Studies Help
  • A103: Math Help
  • A104: English, ELL, (all other areas) Help
  • A105: Science Help

How can students access Swamp Time?

Students can access Swamp Time by just showing up! Teachers will be in the classrooms listed above, beginning at 3:15, ready to help students.

Teachers are also able to assign students to Swamp Time if they are falling behind in their class. If a teacher assigns a student to attend, they are required to make a contact to parents to notify them of the assigned Swamp Time.

Attendance is taken each day when students arrive in the classroom for Swamp Time.

Please call or email Sara Jones (sjones2@lps.org), if you have any questions.