LNS 2018-2019 Registration Page


  • Registration Dates 

    The online registration system will be open until February 23rd in the SynergyStudentVUE/ParentVUE for current North Star students and parents to edit changes to the student's registration. Current 8th grade students must complete registration by March 7th.

Synergy Registration Directions
1. Log into Synergy StudentVUE/ParentVUE
2. Go to course request

3. Scroll down to bottom of page to view "Graduation Status Summary"
4. Review areas highlighted in yellow as they indicate graduation requirements to be met
5. Scroll up "Click Here to Change Course Request" to select courses

      • Select drop down menu to select "Department"
      • Click on "Search Courses" button
      • Click on "Request" for selecting a course
      • Click on "Click Here to Move Selected Requests to Selected Courses" button
      • Select at least three alternate courses by clicking course by clicking on "Alternate"

6. Register for a Total of 70 credit hours
7. If currently in 9th, 10th or 11th grade complete registration by Feb. 23rd
8. If currently in 8th grade complete registration by March 7th

4-Year College Admission Requirements-Based on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln

  • English - 40 credit hours
  • Math - 40 credit hours (Must include Algebra, Geometry, Advanced Algebra & one additional year that builds on a knowledge of algebra)
  • Science - 30 credit hours (Must include at least 20 credit hours selected from Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Earth Science with 10 hours including lab instruction)
  • Social Sciences - 30 credit hours (Must include at least 10 credit hours of American &/or World History, Plus an additional 10 credit hours of History, American Government, &/or Geography)
  • World Language - 20 credit hours minimum (Must include two levels of the same world language)