Cross Cultural Mentoring Program Between North Star and UNL.

LNS Potluck 1

North Star is well known for the diversity of its students. What many may not know is that North Star builds on this diversity with an innovative partnership with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) known as the Cross Cultural Mentoring Program.  The year-long program matches Lincoln North Star (LNS) students with diverse cultural backgrounds with UNL students representing many different areas of study. The LNS Mentees enjoy the connection with successful role models and UNL students enjoy the responsibility and leadership of Mentoring promising future leaders.  During the 2010-2011school year-almost 30 LNS and 30 UNL students participated.  The LNS students represented 10 countries and native tribes.

Cross Cultural Program activities include but are not limited to:
*UNL Campus Tour and lunch hosted by UNL leaders and attended by Mentors and Mentees.
*Lied Center Performance hosted by UNL and attended by Mentors and Mentees.
*End of Year Pot-luck dinner and celebration at Lincoln North Star to honor Mentors and program alumni and leaders. (Photos are from this event)

The 2011 Pot-Luck Theme was "Many Cultures: One World" and featured a large cake and welcome sign that is a replica of the ones used on canal boats in Mexico City.  The sign was designed and built by Samantha Cuellar Figueroa one the program's Mentees and Pot-luck Co-chair.  The program was founded by LNS Counseling Department Team Leader Virginia Saporta and  Dr. Mary Willis, Department of Anthropology at UNL.  Current leaders also include Dr. Barbara DiBernard, Department of English and Women's Studies, UNL,  and Susan Seacrest, LNS Counselor for English Learners Levels 1-3.

LNS Potluck 2