North Star Students Shine at UNL Foreign Language Fair

Trudy Pham (Poetry/Level 2/Honorable Mention; Drama/Level 2/First Place)
Emily Kanub (Music/Level 2/First Place; Drama/Level 2/First Place)
Trish Hoang and Jeanett Tran (Drama/Level2/First Place)
Desiree Lemke (Music Level 1/Honorable Mention)

Megan Schafer won FIRST OVERALL in Level 1 French Poetry
Ann Marie Murray won FIRST OVERALL in Level 2 French dance
Jazmin Turner won SECOND OVERALL in Level 2 French poster
Dana Clark won SECOND OVERALL in Level 1 French Poster

The following students received Blue Ribbons (Superiors):
Merveille Mundembo -- poetry and song
Amy Nguyen and Cindy Reyes - poster
Morgan Ceradsky - poetry
Lauren Thoreson - poetry
Jessica Lefler - poetry

Music:  Superior, Erica York
Drama: 1st Place over-all:  Leah Hargreaves, Zach Graves, Heath Brown, Joel Wienhold
Poetry:  Level 1 Superiors: Jaci Liddell and Molly Jarvis
            2nd Place over-all:  Kira Aldridge
            Level 2 Superiors:  Chandra Marshall, Friederike Profe
             1st Place over-all:  Victoria Kumpost
Posters:  Level 1  Superior:  Zach Kucera
             1st Place over-all:  Joel Wienhold
             Level 2 Superiors:  Milla Heikkinen, Jaime Gibbs
             1st Place over-all:  Aivi Duong