Vicki Bourg Memorial Scholarship.

Vicki Bourg Memorial Scholarship

Officer Vicki Bourg was the Lincoln North Star resource officer from the schools inception in 2002 until her death in January of 2011. Vicki was a decorated Lincoln Police Officer who loved her job, the outdoors, and most importantly, the students at Lincoln North Star High School. Officer Bourg was a tireless advocate for the students at North Star and held a unique gift in her ability to build relationships with students who needed a caring adult. The young people she worked with always understood that Vicki was primarily a person who sincerely cared, she just happened to be a Lincoln police officer. As a testament to Vicki's devotion to the young people of North Star High School, her husband Jesse Roberts and her parents Dale and Linda Bourg have created a scholarship in her name. The applicants will not be restricted to any particular institute of higher education. Students should be able to articulate how the use of the scholarship will be used to further their career goals. Scholarships shall be awarded on an annual basis. Recipients will be eligible for two consecutive years (1st yr $2,000 / 2nd yr $1,000) when they are able to demonstrate progress toward their chosen career goals.

Application Deadline:  03/08/2013             Number of Awards:    1           Amount of Awards:    $3,000.00
Scholarship Eligibility Requirements:
I am a Lincoln North Star Senior
I am a student who has demonstrated character and has a clear goal of improving myself for the future
I am a student who has worked through adversity in my life
I demonstrate financial need

LPS high school students are now able to apply online for over 150 scholarships available through the Foundation for LPS at  Scholarships range from $250 to $10,000.  All applications must be submitted online regardless of what the criteria stated in the past.  Students create an application profile and the software will direct them to specific scholarships they may be eligible for.