North Star Artists Exhibit Work at LUX Center for the Arts

Lincoln North Star High School
Digital Art, Painting, Photography, Pottery Student Art Show

Five Lincoln North Star High School art classes have collaborated to create their own exhibition based on the theme of Identity, which will be installed for public viewing at LUX Center for the Arts on April 22nd. 

Students in the Advanced Art Courses at North Star explored traditional and contemporary art exhibition venues in Nebraska that support working artists and offer opportunities to create and present artwork.

This project is a collaboration of North Star, and LUX Center for the Arts, and Doane College’s Arts Are Basic Program, whose mission is to support outstanding curriculum development.

The public is invited to view the work during regular business hours of LUX from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday, and during the closing reception held during Lincoln’s First Friday Artwalk May 1st, from 5 to 8 p.m.

Teachers involved in the collaboration are: Brooke Gillotti (Digital Art), Lynette Fast (Painting), Jocelyn Reiss (Photography), Mollie Magunson (Pottery), Lorinda Rice (LPS Visual Art Curriculum Consultant), Bri Murphy (LUX Center for the Arts Curator), and Rhea Gill (Doane College Arts Are Basic Director).


More about the project

Arts Are Basic (AAB) is an aesthetic education program in which participating teachers work with visual or performing artists to develop classroom curriculum for their own students.

North Star is committed to developing academic excellence, positive relationships, and productive citizens.  The rich diversity of our school community presents a unique learning opportunity appropriate for an increasingly global society. Our students work with a wide range of peers in their pursuit of learning and the depth of understanding that accompanies that experience will be invaluable.

Many connections in art and life were explored. Art provides insight into the human experience. People need more than just words for eloquent expression. Why do we create artwork? Why do people need visual arts to communicate? How can art provide insight into the human experience? The role of artists, cultural organizations and art institutions reflect the values and perspectives of their societies. What is the role of the artist in society? To what extent do cultural organizations and art institutions reflect the values and perspective of their societies?

Starting in January 2015, with a focus on the Nebraska Visual Arts Standard of Present, students first focused upon how art is presented to the public by visiting three international galleries in the region. Their experience began with a field trip to Constellation Studio in Lincoln, then they traveled to Omaha to the Bemis Center for the Arts and the day ended at Jun Kaneko Studio. While exploring how artists present their work to the public, students had a goal to observe diverse venues and contemplate the decision making behind displaying artwork. These questions were addressed during the experience:

Upon returning to the classroom, students shifted focus onto the Nebraska Visual Arts Standards of Create and Connect. Students explored identity misconceptions through various classroom activities and discussions. The essential learning objective was to foster student identity, promote self-awareness, nurture artistic growth and exploration, and encourage the development of a personal voice.  The following questions were posed to students as they prepared and created personal work for this exhibit.

Working with the Nebraska Visual Arts Standard of Response, in the last 2 weeks, students began the curation of their show. Their response activities involved writing an artist statement about their own work, selecting other student works to correlate with their own, and then presenting those ideas to their classmates. While choosing three works of art that relate to their own, students viewed the entire body of student work and shifted their focus to the decisions necessary to curate a show. They were presented with these questions:

Now that students have Created, Connected, and Responded, the final push is to Present their work to the public. Following mentoring from LUX Center Curator, Bri Murphy, ten LNS student curators, representing their respective classes, will install the show. Student curators will gather at the LUX Center for the Arts with all seventy works present to complete the gallery installation process on April 22nd between 8:00-11:00am. Works include Digital Art, Painting, Photography, and Pottery. Several decisions will take place:

We can provide some documentation images and video available from activities throughout this experience for students.