Next school year, students returning to North Star will be re-issued the same Chromebook they were issued this year. To enable that to happen, a plan has been developed for students to check in their device during the 7th period final exam on Thursday, May 23. When they return in the fall, students will recover the same device. The last final exam period has been extended to allow time for the Chromebook check-in process. Students who do not have a 7th period, will check in their Chromebooks after their last final exam in the media center.

To avoid unnecessary fines for missing components, students are asked to bring the charger (2 pieces), the bag/carrying case, and the Chromebook that was issued to them at the beginning of the year with them on May 23. As finals week draws closer, students will be reminded of this expectation, and we ask that you do the same at home.

  • Chromebook Information: FAQ, Troubleshooting, Device Information
  • Responsible Use Agreement (RUA): It is important to mention that the use of a Chromebook is a privilege, and students will be expected to demonstrate a high degree of responsibility with them. As such, students and parents/guardians will be expected to sign a RUA prior to receiving a Chromebook.
  • Student Computing Device Coverage Program Details: To protect students and families from full financial responsibility for device repairs and/or replacement, LPS offers an optional Student Computing Device Coverage Program. The premium for participation in the program is $20.00, annually ($10.00 for students who qualify for Free/Reduced Lunch Program). The participation is optional. You can make your payment via SchoolPay online or in person.

LNS Chromebook Student Expectations


  • Carry the device in closed position by the base
  • Make sure nothing is inside the device before closing
  • Keep keys on the device
  • Keep the device away from food/liquid


  • Use only your device
  • Visit appropriate sites and apps
  • Keep contact information/passwords private
  • Avoid plagiarism or academic dishonesty


  • Charge your device every night
  • Bring your device to school every day
  • Report any problems or needed repairs immediately
  • Keep your device with you or stored safely


  • Monitor appropriate volume levels (use earbuds)
  • Use only school appropriate language and content
  • Acquire permission before taking/distributing photos
  • Follow staff directions for appropriate use