What is Student Council?

The LNS Student Council (STUCO) is a group of Students in North Star High School who are in charge of some of the activities that go on at North Star, EX: dances, food drives… ect. Stu Co also helps the student body communicate with the administrative team at the school.

Our Purpose

Plan and help with school activities.
Listen to the students’ needs and then communicate it to the administration.
Be good role models for all LNS students.
Provide a better learning environment for the students.
Make North Star a school that everyone would want to attend.
To represent our school and our city the best we can.
Serve the community.
What are some of the things we work on?
So far, we have worked on homecoming, district 6 convention, school contests, Pep Rallies, service projects, Blood Drive, and we have also helped at sports tournaments.

When do we meet?

Stu Co meets every day 8th period to work on school-related projects and to discuss issues that are concerning students and staff.